Holy Spirit Connection

The Holy Spirit has been with us since Jesus was on Earth, but it wasn’t until Pentecost that he came to reside in our hearts. This means that we have a direct line to God through him! He will guide you and help you make decisions as long as you listen for his voice.

You can ask for guidance from Him any time, day or night. Just pray and wait patiently for an answer from His still small voice within your heart. And if you need some extra help, just read this article about how to hear His voice more clearly!

The Holy Spirit and Christian beliefs

The Holy Spirit is an important part of Christianity, but many Christians don’t know much about him or how he works with them. This article will help you learn more about this mysterious being that lives inside all Christians!

Many Christians are cautious of the Holy Spirit because He is a mysterious entity to Christians. God, on the other hand, can easily be related to us through His Son and physical fatherly figure. People find it easy relating with these figures as they are tangible beings that reside in our world which we know well enough how to handle or understand their intentions when interacting with them. The Holy Ghost’s form is more ambiguous than those two entities so people may have doubts about what he wants from you if you were ever approached by Him at all!

The peace in the person’s soul and spirit. The Holy Spirit is gentle and loving. He will not accuse, threaten, or punish. As a Christian moves forward there is peace instead of worry or nervousness.

This website will concentrate on the confusing aspects of the Holy Spirit:

The Bible

Questions about the bible.

The Church and Women

Deliverance and Exorcism

What are some things that can block you from experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in your life

Practical ways to experience more of God’s power through prayer, reading scripture, and by giving generously (tithing) to a church or charity organization