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Spiritual Warfare and Daily Warfare Declarations

submission scriptures

  Spiritual warfare in daily life is a battle for the positives in life.  Positive thoughts, words and deeds are spiritual warfare for a joyful and peaceful life.   Yes, the truth is life happens and sometimes we handle very difficult circumstances.   No matter…

Ouija Board Questions From Children- Warning From a Mom

children questions about Ouija Board

Ouija Board questions from children were submitted to my website spiritualcuriosity.com in 1997.  Times have not changed.  Children are naturally spiritually curious about the Ouija Board.  The movies and TV show horror of demons and want to know if demons exist.  So…they experiment with the…

Prayer of Forgiveness-Forgiveness is Not an Option


Forgiveness is the pathway to spiritual freedom.  Forgiveness is not an option with God.  His Son Jesus Christ, forgave His tormentors at the cross.  God expects us to forgive each and every person that hurts us.  That is God.  That is how He moves.  That…

Self-Deliverance-You Can Fight Your Demon 24/7

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Self Deliverance In The Power of Jesus Christ   Self deliverance is using the power of the name of Jesus Christ to cast out a demon that is the process of possessing the body, mind and emotions.  Learn to recognize the demon attacks in your…

Break Curses With Confidence In the Blood of Jesus Christ

Break Curses

The procedure for how to break curses is not difficult but requires genuine faith in the power of Jesus Christ.  If faith needs to be built-up then begin to memorize or write down scriptures concerning the power and blood of Jesus. What is a formal…

Inner Healing – Speak Your Wounded Part With Spiritual Discernment


  Inner healing is a deliverance process that heals the wounded part of the soul.  What is a wounded part?  A wounded part, also called inner child, is the part of the soul that holds all the hurt and pain from a traumatic experience.  The…

How To Become a Deliverance Minister

deliverance minister

Deliverance minister deals with curses, unforgiveness, wounded parts and casting out demons.  Deliverance should be done in teams.  Each church has different general procedures on how to minister exorcism and deliverance. You need a submissive attitude.  Do you have the ability to work in the…

Spiritual Lady

Thank you for visiting my blog.  The purpose of this website is to inform you about spiritual secrets about demons, exorcism, spiritual Christianity and Women leaders in the church.  All four topics are hot buttons and controversial in the Christian church.

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