Christians Can Have Demons

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Christians can have demons

Christians can have demons.  The teaching about demons is one of the hot buttons of the Christian church.  The demons live in the soul.  The Holy Spirit dwells in the spirit of the Christian.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Christians were immune from demons?  Oh, I wish it were true, unfortunately, the truth is Christians can have demons. 

I was an exorcist and deliverance minister for over ten years and the majority of people requesting deliverances were Christians.  These Christians are brave enough to request spiritual help for the demon that was torturing them.  Why are they brave?  Other Christians and many churches will judge them as not being true “born-again” Christians.  When you are being tortured by a demon, you don’t care what others believe about your faith.  Most importantly, their goal is to get free.

Demons enter in through a legal right.    They must have a legal right by receiving an invitation by a person to communicate directly.  This invitation is usually through a channeling method such as a Ouija Board, Angel board, consulting mediums and many other ways demons enter.  Once the demon receives the invitation, it can gain access to the soul and mind.  

Christians Can Have Demons Even If They Don’t know it.

Additionally, a demon can have a legal right by an invitation to communicate from a family member a past generation.  These demons are in the bloodline from generation to generation.  The blood carries demons like the blood carries physical traits or diseases that run in the family.  There are some  people do not have any knowledge that a demon lives in their soul but they know that something is not right about their thinking or behavior.  Most people with generational demons believe that the negative or suicidal thoughts are part of their personality.  

Generational demons will stay generation after generation until a family member recognizes the demon and begins spiritual battle to cast it out.   One of the tests for a demon is a sound mind.  There is very little peace of mind.  This Christian is usually is spiritually sensitive with a strong sense of spiritual discernment.  Casting the demon out means a series of meetings with an exorcist and deliverance ministry team.  This brave person must be willing to expose secrets of their thoughts and desires to an exorcist and deliverance team.  The demonized person must be willing to believe that Christians can have demons and have the strength to do spiritual battle as a Christian.


Spiritual battle

How Other Christians Can Help the Demonized Christian

  1. Give prayer support
  2. Give emotional support
  3. Encourage with spiritual battle scriptures
  4. Help them to take care of themselves-eating, sleep, exercise.
  5.  Encourage them to take time to enjoy their life.  Emphasize that Christians with the demon can still enjoy their daily life if they can exercise the stamina and the control to ignore the demon.  

Yes, Christian need to help the demonized Christian.  He/she made a spiritual mistake.  Let’s be the body of Jesus Christ and cast that demon out of our brother of sister.  

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