Inner Healing – Speak Your Wounded Part With Spiritual Discernment

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Inner healing is a deliverance process that heals the wounded part of the soul.  What is a wounded part?  A wounded part, also called inner child, is the part of the soul that holds all the hurt and pain from a traumatic experience.  The wounded part is usually formed in childhood.  Children have weak emotional defenses against trauma.  A part of the soul splits from the core person to hold the pain of the traumatic memory.  The forming of wounded parts is a God-given way for a child to cope with trauma and move on with life.  This is not what phycology calls a split personality, but simply a little inner child crying out for help.

The Holy Spirit will tell you when you need to speak to a wounded part and what wound needs to be healed by Jesus.  Only time and Holy Spirt sensitivity can show you how God wants to heal this wounded part.  The remaining information is how you can speak to your wounded parts when you are alone.

Effective inner healing takes practice and sensitivity.  If you have a desire to be a deliverance minister then best way to begin  inner healing is with your own wounded parts.  Women deliverance ministers need to minister to women and men to men.  Many times the inner child is too embarrassed to speak to the opposite sex minister when sexual abuse is involved.

How To Find the Wounded Part For Inner Healing

Watch for emotional triggers.  For example, you might see a child getting hit by another child.  You might get extremely angry and be more emotional than the average reaction.  The trigger indicates that there is a wounded part in your soul that was traumatized by bullying or violence.  The wounded part “comes up” to the surface by overwhelming emotion and intensity. 

Additionally, there can be the existence of more than one wounded part.  Be sure to note any over-emotional reactions and what circumstances the reactions occurs.  Usually, you deal with one inner child at a time.

Inner Healing-Speak to Your Wounded Part by using spiritual discernment not intellect.

Self Inner healing involves acceptance of basic principles:

  1.  Self talk in necessary to speak to the wounded part of your soul.  The best self talk is spoken out into the atmosphere.  Words are spiritually powerful. You need to be alone and in a private room.  If privacy is not possible then you can think what you want to say to the wounded part.
  2. Most noteworthy, you need to be able to speak to your inner child when alone and hear a response from the wounded part in your thoughts.  Remember this a spiritual process and you can hear the thoughts of your own inner child.  The thoughts are not your imagination but your inner child wanting to speak with you (the core person)
  3.  Remember the wounded part is a child holding traumatized memories.   Use gentle words and speak of the love of Jesus. 
  4. The inner child will communicate with you through your thoughts.  Listen carefully.  Do not disregard any thoughts.  For example, thoughts like, “I hate you. I protect you. Don’t you feel silly talking to yourself?”
  5.  Sometimes the inner child will have a name.  Ask the name of the inner child.
  6. Remember the wounded part is NOT a demon never treat it as one by yelling or casting it out.  The part needs to be healed first then you can ask if it wants to stay or go with Jesus. 
  7.  Wound parts may or may not know Jesus Christ.  The trauma could have happened before you became a Christian.
  8.  Children need patience.  The inner child may need more than one session.  Some inner parts want Jesus and other may have questions or objection about Jesus.

Inner healing-speak to the wounded part

Let Jesus Christ Take the Pain

Wounded parts need to be healed by Jesus Christ.  You can talk to your wounded parts and tell them that Jesus is coming to heal and set the wounded part free.  An example, you are discussing divorce with your friends and tears well-up in your eyes.  The tears is a sign that a wounded part of the soul is starting is starting to “come up” in the core being.

Wen you are home in a private place begin to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.  “I speak to my wounded part that holds the hurt of my parent’s divorce.  Know that you did not do anything wrong.  The divorce had nothing to do with you.  You were only a little child.  The Holy Spirt is surrounding you right now.  Open up your heart and permit the Holy Spirit to heal you. 

I know that you are hiding most of the time, but now is the time to release all the pain to the Jesus Christ.  If you release all the pain to the Jesus Christ, you will become healed and whole.  Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to get rid of all that pain?”

Listen carefully to your thoughts.  If thoughts well-up like- ” No, I don’t trust Jesus.  I asked Him and He didn’t help me.”  You will need to do spiritual work to get the wounded part to know God.  The inner child needs to accept Jesus just as the core person accepted Jesus.

Tell the Inner Child How to Accept Jesus

  1.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to come near to the inner child
  2.  Overcome the objections of the inner child by being gentle, loving and using scripture.
  3.  Ask the inner child that he/she is willing to forgive the person that hurt them.  This forgiveness will help to get rid of the pain.  Tell them the person who hurt them made a mistake or was hurt as a child, too.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your answers to the inner child.
  4.  Be sure to break any word curses placed on the inner child.
  5.  Be sure to tell the wound part that Jesus loves them.
  6.  Ask if the inner child wants to accept Jesus and be free of the pain.
  7.  If “yes” then guide the inner child through salvation.
  8.  If “no” pray for the inner child and try again later by calling up the inner child.
  9.  Ask Jesus to come to the wounded part and pray that the wounded part will be healed.  In your quiet time with Jesus speak to the wounded part you know exists and ask the Holy Spirit to surround them with His presence, joy and protection. 

In conclusion, there are situations that are too overwhelmingly emotional to handle alone.  If this is true in your self-inner healing then consult an effective deliverance ministry that can help you.  God might want to help your through the gifting of other Christians.

Personal Word From My journal on Inner Healing

inner healing  A Clean Healing

My hand is upon you.  Seek not to hide your pain.  My hand is passing through your heart.  You must be healed of the lies, pain and emotional scars of your past.

I gently heal as I touch you in sensitive places.  I am washing you with fresh, clean healing ointment.  You will cry without the emotional pain.  You will cry as I touch the secrets skillfully hidden in your heart.

Do not be afraid.  I care for you.  You will be taken to a new level, but you cannot come into this level with pain that is hidden and a target for the evil one.

Inner Healing Scriptures

I said, Lord, be merciful and gracious to me, heal my inner self, for I have sinned against You. Psalm 41:4

He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds (curing their pains and their sorrows) Psalm 146:3

May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the Holy Spirit (Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality). Ephesians 3:16

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