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Lies Demons Tell Christians

Lies demons tell Christians are according to the vulnerability of each person.  The lies always involve either too much or too little emotional balance.  These lies are thought injections sent by demons that hope will be accepted by the person as fact.  When the person believes the lies, demons know that can be a legal right to enter into the mind and emotions of a person.  

In addition, Christians, guard your mind.  Spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit exposes the any demonic lies.  Measure thoughts that enter your mind.  Exercise spiritual battle when necessary in all your days and nights 24/7.


Lies Demons Tell Christians


Demon:  I am rejected.

  • God:  I am accepted.   (Eph 1:6 and Psm 139:17


Demon:  I feel guilty.

  • God:  I am totally forgiven. (Eph 1:7, Psm 103:3)


Demon:  I am inadequate.

  • God:  I am adequate. (Phil 1:7: 2 Cor 3:5)


Demon:  I am fearful. 

  •  God:  I am free from fear. (2 Tim 1:9)


Demon:  I am not very smart.

  •  God:  I have the wisdom of God. (1Cor 1:30)


Demon:  I am in bondage.

  •  I am free. (2Cor 3:17)


Demon:  I am unlovable/unloved.

  • God:  I am loved (John 5:19)


Demon:  I am unwanted.

  • God:  I have been adopted by God an am His Child. (1 John 3:1)


Demon:  I am hopeless.

  • God:  I have all the hope I need. (Rom 15:13)


Demon:  I have no strength.

  • God:  I have God’s power. (Eph 1:1)


Demon:  I feel condemned.

  •  God:  I am blameless. (Rom 8:1)


Demon:   I feel alone.

  •  God:  I am never alone. (Heb 13: 5-6)


Demon:   There is nothing special about me.

  •  God:  I have been chosen by God. (1Cor: 6:11)


Demon:   I am not good enough.

  •  God:  I am perfected in Christ. (Heb 10:14)


Demon:  I am defeated.

  •  God:  I am victorious (2 Cor: 2:14)


Demon:  I can’t reach God

  •  God:  I have access to God.  (Luke 10:19)


Demon:   I feel inferior.

  •  God:  I am designed uniquely for God’s purposes. (Psm 139:12)


lies demons Tell ChristiansIn conclusion, there are many other lies demons tell Christians; if thoughts separate you from God then it could be a demon whispering in your ear.   Readers, if you have more lies  and answers then please contribute to this page.  I will add your contributions to the page.

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  1. I have battled demonic oppression against
    Satan’s angels. Remember Satan will come as
    a Angel of light never doubt the power
    that God has given you

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