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Living Out of the Bible

Do You Live Out of the Bible?

bibleLiving out of the bible  is God’s Word and gives direction on how God deals with His people in certain situations.  The Holy Spirit illuminates scriptures that Christians can use in their lives.   The bible is of ultimate importance to the Christian teaching.

The question arises–is the bible is more popular than the Holy Spirit?  For example, there are  899,000,00 search results for the word “bible” in Google. There are 327,000,000 search results for the Holy Spirit.  Why?  The bible is a physical book that we see and touch, read, meditate on scriptures.  

There is a problem with the bible because there a four hundred different versions of the bible. Christian denominations number over 2200 different  Christian churches and the members of each demonization believe their version of the bible is the pure and correct version.  How can really can a Christian know which version of the bible to live out their daily life?

For example, translation versions do not agree on the meaning of the original language in Greek or Hebrew.  In 2 John 1:1, John refers to the “elect” lady.  The word elects come from eklektov eklektos that means “elect, chosen, picked out, chosen by God”.   The word elect is in the feminine form.  Other translations mean “chosen” to be more arbitrarily picked out of a group.

Christian Solely Living Out of the Bible Is Heading Toward Failure

All people are sinful and no one is perfect but Jesus Christ.  Believers fail time after time.  A partial list of failure is according to Romans 1:29-30:

  • unrighteousness
  • wickedness
  • greed
  • evil
  • full of envy murder
  • strife
  • deceit
  • malice
  • gossips
  • slanderers
  • haters of God
  • insolent
  • arrogant
  • boastful

Is there one sin more awful than the others?  No, sin is sin and the connection with the Holy Spirit is weakened.  Jesus Christ covers Christians in His blood and every time we fail-God forgives.  Holy Spirit connection is strengthened.

Holy Spirit Needs To Connect With You 

Living out of the bibleIn addition, there are times when living out of the bible can be dry and legalistic.   Of course, there is a feeling of a burden and guilt.  The Holy Spirit has a solution for the dryness, We can hear the voice of Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  As we hear the Holy Spirit, the bible comes alive and scriptures burn in our hearts. 

Christians love Jesus as a shepherd, friend and savior.  The Holy Spirit will also speak through spontaneous thoughts that are good, kind, loving and pure.   For example, You may pray to say “I Love You, God.”  You might hear if you spiritually listen, “I love you, too.  I will take care of you today.  You are My child.”  Hearing the Holy Spirit brings additional life to the walk with God.  How do you know this is the Holy Spirit and not a demon?  Know by the fruit of the thoughts.  Every thought can to verified by scripture.

Suddenly, a picture or vision may flash though your mind.  If there is no interpretation with the picture, pray for the meaning. 

In concludion, learn to find the “sweet spot” in your spirit for that awesome connection with the Holy Spirit.  Living out of the bible is easier when the Holy Spirit speaks to strengthen His people.  




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