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Man Shortage In Christian Churches

Why is there a man shortage in Christian Church?  I could quote statistics but all anyone needs to do is look around in any Christian church to see women outnumber men in every church service or Christian activity.  This creates a problem for the legalists that are quick to point to the scriptures that say only men can be the spiritual leaders.  In reality, there are only a few men that want the position of spiritual leader.  Many men each individually has hid reasons for giving-up on church .  Their particular reasons are the subject of many websites written by men.  In the website Church for Men, the webmaster statically verifies that women outnumber men in all areas.


 Man Shortage in the Christian Church Causes Problems For Women


  1. What happens if you are single woman (of any age)  and there are 6 women for every man.  The bible says not be unequally yoked so do you remain single when there is a strong desire for marriage?  Many women will marry luke-warm or non-Christian men.  As a result, the women attend church alone.
  2. Most of the spiritual men in the church will cherry pick the most beautiful women.
  3. Spiritual Christian men will get married and divorced many times because there are so many women to choose from.  (not all spiritual leaders but it is a reality in the church.)
  4. Women are in competition because of the shortage of men in the church and that creates disturbing the peace of God in a church.


Men Simply Do Not Have a Passion for Church 

If most men do not have a passion for church then where is their passion?  My educated guess probably be would be in professional sports with the game of football leading the way.  (I love football, too.  Go Cardinals!  Nothing is wrong with football but it is only a game.)  Look at the line for the restrooms-yes, the lines are much longer at the men’s restroom than the women’s.  Yes, most men must have a full time job but most women also have a full time jobs at the work place, a full-time job at home and still attend church. 

Most importantly most Christian Churches do not connect with the Holy Spirit.  Men do not know how to connect with the Holy Spirit because they have not been taught how by the church.  Most men do not exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  If their wife or girl friend exercises the gifts in the presence of a the men- most men think the women are weird and want nothing to do with it.  

For example, if a woman speaks in tongues during prayer, a men will not accept speaking in tongues as valid.    The woman becomes discouraged because her spiritual gifts are not taken seriously either by her man or her church leadership.  She may eventually stop using her gifts of the Holy Spirit.  After a while she may fall away and even stop attending her church.


No Man Shortage in the Christian Church at Bethel Church


There are churches that have a balance between men and women.  The men attend with passion in their hearts because the church has the presence of God from the atmosphere outside to the inside of the church.  The spiritual gifts are exercised in all of their church ministries.  Women are allowed to speak out their spiritual gifts.  I attended Bethel Church for about two years and that has a strong Holy Spirit Connection.  Children are taught to minister in the Holy Spirit and they are spiritually powerful.

The name of the church is Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  Men and women minister in prayer lines and all other ministries together-with equal importance on everyone’s gifts.  Women are allowed to teach in the Church and women can be leaders.   I attended and ministered on their ministry teams.   Unfortunately, I could not stay in the area and I greatly miss Bethel Church.  Surely, Bethel in not the only church with a Holy Spirit connection-just one example I found.    I hope that you will be able to attend Bethel and participate in their many ministries.  Bethel Church has Christians attending from all the world wanting to discover  is so special about Bethel.  What does their church at home lack?

Yes, the presence of God in the Holy Spirit connection will attract the men into the church.  The women will not need to be happy with a tiny drop of the bible being preached in the church.  Come Holy Spirit and flood in the church so that the man shortage is will eliminated.  A church that all people will have passion and love for Jesus Christ in their hearts. 

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