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Older Women In Ministry-Army of Anna’s Released for Ministry

Older women in ministry is a power connection to God and can be special mentors to the generations.  There is spiritual knowledge to be shared and Holy Spirit spiritual gifts to be exercised in the body of Christ.  Arise, older women and take your rightful place in and out of the church.  The Holy Spirit will direct your path in a ministry that needs your spiritual gifts and fruits.  Pray and listen and know that you are needed in the Body of Christ.

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An Army of Anna’s

by Kim Puffpaff (

This article was taken from Trumpet Wind email list TrumpetWindList@TrumpetWind

While staying in the home of an older lady (age 63) this weekend, I heard the Lord begin to speak to me about an army of Anna’s coming forth….This is what I heard..

Luke 2:36-37,”There was also a prophetess Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher.  She was very old; she lived with her husband seven years after her marriage and then was a widow until the age of 84.  She never left the temple, but worshipped night and day, fasting and praying.”

And  Older Women In Ministry…Rising up out of obscurity

And I heard the lord say, “An Army of Anna’s”…And your old women will dream, dreams and upon my handmaids I will pour out My spirit!  For God is renewing a work in the midst of the years.  I see an army of older women…60 and above who are rising up out of obscurity and taking their places in the house of the Lord.  Once again the scripture is coming to pass that the older women will teach the younger.  I see a releasing of women who were once bound by circumstances, both physical and spiritual coming into their destinies of extravagant worshippers.  These are those who have stood the test of time and endured many hardships.  The limitation and the hindrances are being taken off and the wisdom of God and the discipline of a set apart life is coming forth!  The desire for worldly entertainment is being removed and instead they will fill their days and hours with the Word and the presence of God.

Perfume For the Master’s Feet

For their greatest desire and fulfillment will be to pour out expensive perfume on the feet of the Master.  And I see a great healing because of this and order returning to the house of God.  I see religion and tradition and the mindsets of men falling off and true worship returning to the House of God.


Older Women In Ministry Never Before Considered

I also see these women being released into ministries they would have never before considered.  They will move out of their comfort zones and move into the harvest fields.  For I see the glory of God on their heads and I see that through their touch, many will be saved and heled…!!! Hallelujah…Jesus, release this and let it   come. 

older women in ministryHannah’s Womb and the Birthing of Many Samuel’s

 By Sis. Ching Co, Cebu City Philippines (

There are many people within the body of Christ that have been called spiritual Hannah’s.  God has used your lives as spiritual wombs where the Holy Spirit has planted heavenly visions and dreams.  Your have carried these visions and allowed them to grow deep within despite the outward signs of barrenness and seemingly fruitlessness in the past years.  And like Hannah, year after year, you did not stop crying out to the Lord to bring to life all that you’ve sensed growing inside of you.  You have face provocation, you have cried bitter tears.  Like Hannah, you have been mistaken for a drunk because of your desperate cries for help.


Moment of Birth For an Older Women in Ministry

The Lord wants to announce to every one who has walked this path that your season for birth is a hand.  As the Lord remembered Hannah and in the course of time she conceived and gave birth to Samuel (1 Samuel 1:19-20)–So your time for giving birth to your Samuel has also come and is now at hand.


Wholly Dedicated to the Lord

But like Hannah who brought Samuel to the house of the Lord and gave  him to the Lord and he worshipped the Lord there–So many of the Samuel’s that will be birthed in the coming days will belong totally to the Lord.


Likened To Abraham

Like Abraham, you Isaac will soon be born to you. And in the same way that God instructed Abraham to offer Isaac as a burnt offering-So you have to offer you Isaac to God.  (Genesis 22:1-2) “Even now, prepare your hearts” says the Lord “Learn to let go even before You received them (your Isaacs and your Samuels).  Take hold of them lightly for they belong to Me.”

older women ministryApplication

Many visions that God has planted in the spiritual wombs of His people are about to come to fullness. However, like Hannah everyone of them will belong to God from the moment of birth.  He will raise up others to care and make this vision grow–and like Hannah, many older Christian women who have carried them will have to watch their spiritual visions grow from a distance.

The Lord is saying today that we must not be afraid to let go of our Samuel’s once they are birthed–No matter how young they look and regardless of the surrounding where they grow.  The Lord will overshadow these vision and-just like Samuel, God’s hand will be upon them and He will not allow these visions to die but will fulfill the purpose for which they have been birthed.  (3Samuel 3:19-20)  Even not the Lord is speaking to many of the spiritual Hannah’s and encouraging us to lay our spiritual Samuel’s to Him.  He wants full control of how these vision will be fulfilled.  He will determine and chart the path that they will take to grow.  He may choose to call appoint other to do this, or He may, in due time return stewardship to these visions to us.

However the Lord would choose to do this, He desires for His children to have that assurance that our coming Samuel’s will be in GOOD HANDS — HIS HANDS.

In the same manner that the Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of his words fall to the ground–and Samuel’s words came to all Israel (3 Samuel 19-20)–So the Most High God will do the same with every on of our spiritual Samuel’s.

May the peace of the Most High God flood our soul as we choose to walk the path that Hannah did.  And may these words from the mouth of Hannah become ours too as we rejoice in the victory that the Lord will bring to those who love and obey Him all the way. 

Older women ministry needs to rise up out of obscurity to help strengthen the body of Christ. 

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Women in ministry

The Gospel is not meant to deny women their divine destiny



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