Ouija Board Questions From Children- Warning From a Mom

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children questions about Ouija Board

Ouija Board questions from children were submitted to my website spiritualcuriosity.com in 1997.  Times have not changed.  Children are naturally spiritually curious about the Ouija Board.  The movies and TV show horror of demons and want to know if demons exist.  So…they experiment with the board.  Of course, the boards are hidden from their parents view.  Hey, they want to be frightened and horrified-but just a little.

I write of my personal true story of getting a demon through the Ouija Board.  The children question me about that experience.

For example, a 12 year old child sends an email to me.  She uses the Ouija Board and now feels something touching her in bed  She has mental confusion and hears voices.  I tell her to talk to her parents about her Ouija Board experience.  Obliviously, her parents have no knowledge of the Ouija Board and do not know how to answer Ouija Board questions from children.  Her parents sent her to a psychiatrist who gives her pills that numbs her mind so that she could not finish school.

Christian parents, it is time to get educated on the subject of the Ouija Board.  You should be the one to give advise about Ouija Board questions from children-any child who asks you.   A child might believe that she will be able communicate with her deceased loved on through the board.   Discuss the dangers of the Ouija Board with them.  Tell the child not to participate  even if their friends try social pressure to have he/she to play the board.  


Ouija Board Questions From Children

Ouija Board Questions from Children


Can you play the Ouija Board Alone?

  • There are spiritually sensitive people who are able to work the board alone.  This is extremely dangerous because you might be open to demon possession.


I play the board all the time.  I think it is cool.  Why should I stop?

  •  You are in spiritual danger and risk getting possessed by a demon. The demon is not your friend.   The demon will confuse your thinking and try to control your daily life.  


When you finish the game–do the spirits go or Do they stay?

  •  Once you invite a demon to play the game, they will stay.  The demons will stay even if you tell them to leave.  The process of getting a demon to leave is very difficult.  You might be stuck with it for a very long time.


Why is it that only certain people can play the board?

  • Some people are born with a high spiritual sensitivity.  This sensitivity makes them an open path for demons to enter.


What if you summon a spirit and you want it to leave, will it hurt you?

  • The demon might hurt your emotions by giving fear, confusion and panic.  They cannot hurt you directly-like throwing an object at you.  Once you invite a demon, it is very difficult to get it to leave.  They always want to stay.


How does the Ouija Board Work?

  •  The evil spirit works through your mind and your fingers to give messages.  This is an ancient Occult method called “channeling”.


More Ouija Board questions from children


Can the Ouija Board harm/kill someone?

  •  Spirits from the board cannot harm or kill you directly but demons will attempt to get you to hurt yourself.  Depression, suicidal thoughts, hearing voices might be symptoms.


When you finish the game-Do the spirits go or do they stay?

  •  The more time you spend with the boar, the more chance the spirit will stay.


Are spirits dangerous?  Please tell me what if felt like.

  •  Yes, the spirit was very dangerous.  I did not feel any different with a demon – it is not painful.
  • I tell you how I felt at the time. The demon is in my body and in my mind.  I am so fearful that I could not sleep.  I lose weight and will not eat.  The demon gives me reasons why I should kill myself.  I fell hatred for other people I never experience before.
  •   I cannot tell the difference between my thoughts and demon thoughts.
  •  My control on my speech and body movement are weaker.  I avoid social contact.


Warning From a Mom- Do Not Allow Kids To Use the Ouija Board


Ouija Board questions from children


I had an experience a few years back with a Ouija Board that still sticks in my mind.  My young cousin comes over with her friends with a Ouija Board.  I am in the kitchen cooking kind of chuckling at them as they play.  I see  that they are just moving the piece around the board and laugh to myself…oh how nice to be so young an naïve!  What a shock that Ouija Board really works!

That same weekend a friend of mine comes over for the evening and we take the board out for a little fun.  We speak to the spirit on the board who tells us that his name was “Dave”.  The next thing I realize is that my hands are above my head as I sit on the floor with my friend directly across from me.  I could NOT speak, or get her attention, with her being only a foot or two away from me.  I feel a heaviness atop of me like a dead weight and cannot talk to get my friends attention, as the board keeps her busy by answering her questions.

 Strange Happenings

Finally, she looks up at me and realizes something is wrong… she picks the board up and takes it to the top of the basement stairs and throws it over.  I am shaken up and really scared to hell.

The next morning she goes down the basement and takes the board and places it outside in a playpen.  We drink tea and there is a knock on the deck door, I get up to answer-nobody there.  This happens twice more, that is enough for me.  I am really freaked out bad, I called my cousin and tell her to come and get the Ouija Board out of my house.

In conclusion, I sometimes want to go back and try it again a few times over the years.  The scare of the night is just too real for me to get the courage to do it again.  As a mother of two children, I wouldn’t advise people to allow their kids to fool with the Ouija Board.  There is something very evil about them.




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