Self-Deliverance-You Can Fight Your Demon 24/7

deliverance minister

Self Deliverance In The Power of Jesus Christ   Self deliverance is using the power of the name of Jesus Christ to cast out a demon that is the process of possessing the body, mind and emotions.  Learn to recognize the demon attacks in your…

Can Christian Woman Be Pastors and Preachers?

Women pastors and preachers are still rare in the Christian church.   The issue of women pastors and church leaders are a hot button in the Christian Church.  Many denominations and other church  leaderships deny Christian women  pastors through out the history of the church….

Jesus, Bring Your Sweet Forgivness

Love of Jesus

Jesus, bring His sweet forgiveness. The forgiveness of Jesus is a humbling yet sweet experience. His blood cleanses His people of their sin. Christians are very aware that they are in need of forgiveness every day. All people are sinful and no one is perfect…

Submission Scriptures In Marriage and Singleness

Submission scriptures

  Submission scriptures are difficult to accept.  I must admit that I have trouble with the “submission scriptures”.  There were times when I skip over these scriptures thinking that if I do not read them, they do not exist.  Now is the time to face…

Spiritual Warfare and Daily Warfare Declarations

submission scriptures

  Spiritual warfare in daily life is a battle for the positives in life.  Positive thoughts, words and deeds are spiritual warfare for a joyful and peaceful life.   Yes, the truth is life happens and sometimes we handle very difficult circumstances.   No matter…