Reduce Stress in 100 Different Ways

fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Reduce stress and daily life is happier and easier.  There is more strength and calmness in your emotions and in your body.   Additionally, most ways to reduce stress are free.  All it takes is time and self-control to reduce stress and become a happier,…

Christians Can Have Demons

Christians can have demons

Christians can have demons.  The teaching about demons is one of the hot buttons of the Christian church.  The demons live in the soul.  The Holy Spirit dwells in the spirit of the Christian.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Christians were immune from demons?  Oh,…

Women Ministers Can Lead In the Christian Church? Call of God on Women

womam minister

Women ministers are a subject of deep conflict among Christians.  The article below is in favor of women ministers and contains many good scriptures confirming the ministry of women.  Christian women do not abandon the church in spite of their secondary position in the church….

Man Shortage In Christian Churches

man shortage in the Christian Church

Why is there a man shortage in Christian Church?  I could quote statistics but all anyone needs to do is look around in any Christian church to see women outnumber men in every church service or Christian activity.  This creates a problem for the legalists…