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Holy Spirit Connection

Sound Mind Is Widom from Above

A “Sound Mind” creates a spiritual connection to God.   The definition of a sound mind is James 3:13-18.  An interesting fact is that sound mind lists along with sound behavior in this scripture.

Sound Mind 

  1.  Pure
  2.  Peaceable
  3.  Gentle
  4.  Willing to yield
  5.  Full of mercy and good fruits
  6.  Without partiality
  7.  Without hypocrisy
  8.  Good conduct
  9.  Works done in meekness and wisdom

An Unsound Mind

  •  Earthy
  •  Sensual
  •  Demonic
  •  Bitter Envy
  •  Self-Seeking in the heart
  •  Confusion exists
  •  Every evil thing


2Timothy:1:7  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power of love and a sound mind.”


The scripture 2Timothy: 1:7 is so very special to me because it had the power to help me fight spiritual battle.    Every time I had a negative thought, I replaced the thought with that scripture.  Actually, that was the only scripture I was capable of memorizing at the time.  I used that scripture many times through out the day and night.  My true Story-4 year spiritual battle

Many years later I discovered that scripture connects with the Holy Spirit power for a sound mind.  No one ever explained to me that it is impossible to maintain a sound mind under my own power when life situations are exploding in front of me.   Emotions can take hold of the mind and lead to all the unspiritual characteristics stated above.  It is easy to fall into an unsound mind-that comes naturally with living life.  As a new Christian, I read scripture, prayed, attended church but my mind was not that stable.   What was wrong with me?  

Actually this post is not to give you the standard message on “sound mind”.  There has to be a place of spiritual connection between the Holy Spirit and the you.  The Holy Spirit dwells inside of your spirit and desires to give power  for a “sound mind”.   Christians approach this place by scripture meditation, prayer, praise or sometimes the Holy Spirit shows a direct connection with no effort on your part.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit results in attitude changes and heavenly peace.  A sound mind fills the mind with peace.  Know the this is not a formula but general suggestions that helped me in the past.

How to Help the Holy Spirit Connect

  • Be ready to receive in your spirit by quieting your mind of thought clatter and negative emotions.
  • If you cannot keep your thoughts and emotions still than begin to praise and meditate on God’s nature and His love.
  •  Ask the Holy Spirit to come 
  • When you are ready, stay quiet and anticipate the Holy Spirit’s presence.
  •  Listen for answers to your issue. 
  • Ask Him for the power of a sound mind
  • The Holy Spirit may speak in the form of a thought. 
  • That thought or thoughts will speak to you in the second person  “you”.
  •  Listen carefully and write down the thoughts the Holy Spirit gives to you.
  •  You will know when you are done in your spirit.
  •  End with praise and thanksgiving for your connection with the Holy Spirit.


Measure Your Thoughts

After connecting with the Holy Spirit, take the time to review what thoughts the Holy Spirit graciously gaves to you.  Readers, when you are in the spiritual always remember to measure the thoughts with the wisdom from above and the fruits of the Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:22 ‘but the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  Against such there is no law.”  Are the thoughts written down consistent with the wisdom from above and the fruit of the Holy Spirit?  The presence of God could be filling the room or your body and soul.  Even if you do not feel the presence-the presence of God is with you.

Why do I tell you to measure?  The answer is that thoughts can come from the soulish emotions or even the demonic.  As a person who has ministered to other people in several churches on a deliverance team or a ministry team I know Christians can get mislead unless they examine the thoughts that are written.  An example of being mislead can be:  The Holy Spirit told me that Johnny and I should be married.  The Holy Spirit also needs to speak to Johnny or it is a soulish thought.  Another example would be that the Holy Spirit told me to fast for 40 days and I will receive a special vision.  The Holy Spirit will not tell you to ignore your health. 

Above all, our God is so good and wants to give His people a “sound mind” to overcome life’s difficulties.  God gave us the Holy Spirit who lives in our spirit to lead, guide us and show us our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Nothing is better than that.

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