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How To Become a Deliverance Minister

deliverance minister

The Deliverance minister deals with curses, unforgiveness, wounded parts and casting out demons.  Deliverance should be done in teams.  Each church has different general procedures on how to minister exorcism and deliverance.

You need a submissive attitude. 

Do you have the ability to work in the team position assigned to you?  The newest member of the team can be assigned note taker, observer, prayer warrior.  You must begin at the beginning and participate with your very best in the meeting.

Any person who attempts to “take over” the meeting because he or she believes that he has more knowledge than the leader must “stand down” until the leader choses you to lead a team.

2.  Do you have acute spiritual discernment?  Spiritual discernment tells the difference between a deep emotional hurt and demon interference.  Especially relevant, if a deliverance minister attempts to cast out a demon without sufficient emotional healing then the client may become traumatized.

3.  Can you keep what happens in the deliverance confidential?  You are not allowed to discuss the deliverance meeting with anyone outside of your deliverance team (even if you don’t use the name of the client-not to anyone outside the team-never).  This discussion of the team must be in a private room where no one else can hear the conversation.

4.  Do you have any secret sins that you do not want announced by a demon in a deliverance meeting?  Demons have the ability to know about your secret sins and will not hesitate to tell anyone who will listen.

5.  Are you able to accept input from other people on your team concerning improving the deliverance meeting or something that you said or did that was not positive to the client?

6.  Begin to memorize spiritual battle scriptures and practice at home or in an empty room at church.  You can practice just by using a teddy bear or doll as the client.  Practice using scriptures against demons and keep your faith consistent and concentration strong.

7.   Do not expect your family or friends to understand that you have a passion and calling to become a deliverance minister.  Non-Christian friends will think you are weird and sometimes Christian family members do not believe in the existence of demons and say you are on the wrong path.  You have to be willing to accept that you may not have the approval of people that are important to you.


deliverance minister

A Deliverance minister must have strong Faith that the name of Jesus Christ and His Blood.

1Do you have strong faith in the power to Jesus Christ to heal the client and cast out the demon (if there is one)?  Always draw the bloodline of Jesus Christ between the human and the demonic.  You must believe this bloodline will prevent demons from transferring to you and other people in the room.

Demons can sense if you are weak in faith and will call out your weakness.  The demons will say things like:  “Who are you?  You are nothing but a weak bum (blah, blah, blah).”  At that point, you have to be strong enough to call on Jesus Christ to keep the demon quiet.  You have to be confident Jesus and His angels are standing right by your side.

Deliverance Minister, encourage yourself in the Lord

Most people that seek deliverance are not delivered in the very first meeting.  The progression toward freedom takes time.  Most of all, have confidence that God is doing a work in the client.  Do not be discouraged if the deliverance takes longer than you anticipated.  

Additionally, stay strong in the scriptures and in your faith in God.  Clients will come to you for advise.   Therefore, give advise according to your discernment but encourage the clients to practice self-deliverance whenever possible.  The clients need to depend the power of Jesus.  They need to learn that most times when the client is alone he/she needs to fight spiritual battle always depending on the power of Jesus.  

Never preform a deliverance alone

In conclusion, every deliverance is different-there is no set formula or script.  Do no attempt to minister deliverance until you complete your training and leadership releases you to be a leader of a deliverance team.

There should always be another experienced deliverance minister to assist in case there is an unexpected demonic behavior you do not know how to control.  Exorcisms are different every time.

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